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  • 05/23/2023


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Dev Home is a new control center for Windows providing the ability to monitor projects in your dashboard using customizable widgets, set up your dev environment by downloading apps, packages, or repositories, connect to your developer accounts and tools (such as GitHub), and create a Dev Drive for storage all in one place.

  • Use the centralized dashboard with customizable widgets to monitor workflows, track your dev projects, coding tasks, GitHub issues, pull requests, available SSH connections, and system CPU, GPU, Memory, and Network performance.
  • Use the Machine configuration tool to set up your development environment on a new device or onboard a new dev project.
  • Use Dev Home extensions to set up widgets that display developer-specific information. Create and share your own custom-built extensions.
  • Create a Dev Drive to store your project files and Git repositories.

Screenshot of the Dev Home welcome message

Dev Home Machine configuration

To set up a new machine or onboard a new project with Dev Home, select Machine configuration. Dev Home can manage everything you need to get to your machine’s development environment to a ready-to-code state, whether you want an end-to-end setup process, want to use a WinGet Configuration file, or just want to perform a quick step, like cloning a Git repository, installing a specific application, or adding a Dev Drive to improve the performance of your project’s storage volume.

Learn more about how to get started with the Dev Home Machine configuration tool.

Screenshot of the Dev Home Machine configuration tool.

Monitor your workflows using customizable widgets on the Dev Home dashboard. By default, Dev Home provides widgets for:

  • GPU: Monitor the performance of your machine’s GPU.
  • SSH keychain: Lists the SSH connections available in your ssh/.config file. Select one of these SSH items to open that connection in Windows Terminal.
  • Memory: Monitor the performance of your machine’s memory.
  • Network: Monitor the performance of your machine’s network.
  • CPU: Monitor the performance of your machine’s CPU.
  • GitHub: The Dev Home GitHub extension can be connected to your GitHub credentials to provide both customizable widgets and notifications.

Screenshot of Dev Home widgets for monitoring Memory, Network, CPU, and GPU performance.

System widgets

The Dev Home system widgets can provide real-time information on:

  • Memory: Amount in use, total available, total committed, total cached, paged pool, non-paged pool.
  • Network: Bandwidth measurements, including total kilobits per second for both sending and receiving data, along with the network name.
  • CPU: Total utilization, speed, and active processes.
  • GPU: Total utilization, temperature, and graphics chip name.

Screenshot of Dev Home system performance widget details.

GitHub extension widgets

The Dev Home GitHub extension enables you to connect your GitHub account to Dev Home and create customized widgets that integrate with your GitHub repositories. To connect your GitHub account to Dev Home and begin creating GitHub widgets:

  1. Once you’ve installed Dev Home, the GitHub extension will be available by default, but you will need to log-in to your GitHub account to gain access to the integrated features.

  2. Select Add a widget from the top-right of your Dev Home dashboard. A list of widget options will appear, some of which will require customization in order to be added to your dashboard.

Learn more about the Dev Home GitHub extension and how to create customized widgets and set up Windows notifications.

Screenshot of customized GitHub widgets on the Dev Home dashboard.

Dev Home extensions

Dev Home extensions power the functionality of Dev Home’s customizable widgets. By default, Dev Home includes the GitHub extension, but you can also create and share your own custom-built extensions.

Learn more about Dev Home extensions, including how to create customized GitHub widgets, set up GitHub notifications, or build and share your own Dev Home extensions.

Dev Home open source repos

Both the Dev Home app and Dev Home GitHub extension are open source and welcome your contributions.

You can also contribute to the open source documentation for Dev Home by visiting the Windows Dev Docs open source repo on GitHub.


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